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I got this collection with both the Palestinian Aid and Racial Justice bundles, and I like the stuff you've made here. The mouse racing game was really neat, the funky control scheme struck me as a very clever idea. Paint the Town Red and DRIFTING Through Time were both also good fun, and more than a little entrancing (though I was never able to complete more than one lap in the latter, maybe I'm just bad at drifting haha)

I'm glad you enjoyed them! Drifting through time is really tough!! Getting just one lap is quite the achievement!


I found this in the Palestine bundle and I do find this interesting. Just like splurje below me, the Pineapple Pipeline game is my favourite. And the updated version's even slicker! And the Spider Playground spider's cute too.

Hey thank you so much! It's probably my fav game in the bundle too haha :)


Pineapple one is my fave :)

Thank you!! You can also play an updated version of it over here:

funny concept though i didn't understand the goal of 1 or 2 minigames

Deleted 2 years ago

My short gameplay:

Thanks for playing!


10 games in 1? That's better value for money than the annual 150 hour long Ubisoft Tower Climbing Game™! My wallet is satisfied!


Some call me Mr. Wallet-Satisfier