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10 games, each made in a week! Some were a bit of a bust, others were pretty rad.

These games are simple prototypes, proof of concepts, or unfinished works. This bundle serves as a bit of a time capsule for me, but also for the curious or those who might go on a similar journey!

Week 1 - DRIFTING Through Time
Theme: 10 seconds or less.

Turning your car sideways is SO COOL it FREEZES TIME! Drift to stop time, get as many laps as you can before time runs out!

Week 2 - Dog Ownership Simulator
Theme: Durational

Play with your dog! Click and drag to give it a spin, swipe on poos to clean them up!

Week 3 - Chillin' Bayside
Theme: Melbourne

A simple little physics toy inspired by summer holidays on the great ocean road. Kinda like playing around in a bath - click and hold the mouse to push stuff around :)

Week 4 - Paint the Town Red
Theme: Colour

Bounce around the world and paint as you go, cherry tomato! A game dedicated to a personal friend of mine.

Week 5 - RONG
Theme: Phsyics

An inter-dimensional pong remix, RONG has you sticking it out for the highest score! Made in collab. with divlauren!

Week 6 - ???
Theme: Legedermain

Originally supposed to be about a magician who had his many hats stolen, this unfinished puzzle platform has never seen the light of day.

Week 7 - Pineapple Pipeline
Theme: Camerawork

A simple skateboarding game down an infinite half-pipe. This game was inspired by fish-eye lenses used in skateboarding videos.

Week 8 - Tandem Toobs
Theme: Gift

I made this game as a gift for my parents. Currently unfinished, but intended to be a co-op platformer, each player controls one half of two cylinders, and has to co-ordinate to move around.

Week 9 - Beach Bird Volleyball
Theme: Minigame

Beach Bird Volleyball stars buff seagulls using their floppy fists to fight it out in games of volleyball.

Week 10 - Mouse racing game
Theme: Weird Input

This game is played by turning your mouse upside down and revving up the mousewheel like a pullback car.

Week 11 - Spider Playground
Theme: Playground

Spider playground is a unfinished little sandbox where you can explore a climable(ish) playground as a tiny spider.

You may notice that some of these projects are already available for free on my page. That is no mistake! This package will have all my games as they were completed when I was working through my game-a-week journey. The games I've chosen to upload separately might receive updates in the future, and some already have.

This bundle is an honest record of my successes and failures. I've also decided to charge for this, as truthfully there was a lot of labour put into these projects. If you're not interested in strange and possibly broken games, check out my page for finished works. But if you do, I hope they can bring you as much joy as they've brought me :)


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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10 games in 1? That's better value for money than the annual 150 hour long Ubisoft Tower Climbing Game™! My wallet is satisfied!


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